LED DRL Upgrade for DM Models

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LED DRL Upgrade for DM Models Empty LED DRL Upgrade for DM Models

Post by exLEDSHOP on Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:03 pm

Our newest addition to the Santa Fe is our 1 way white or 2 way (white/yellow) DDeyeline upgrade. We know that the stock eyeline is pretty lousy when it comes to being used as a DRL or anything, so we made an upgrade.

http://www.exledshop.com/exled-custom-leds/hyundai/santa-fe-dm-2013/2013-hyundai-santa-fe-exled-premium-power-led-1-color-eyeline-upgrade-version-2b-copy.html << only white version

http://www.exledshop.com/exled-custom-leds/hyundai/santa-fe-dm-2013/2013-hyundai-santa-fe-exled-premium-power-led-2-color-eyeline-upgrade-version-2-copy.html << 2 way version

Now, you WILL have to open your headlights for this. I can understand some apprehension about doing that yourself or with moisture getting inside. If you are uncomfortable doing so, we do recommend going to an installation shop or buying them pre-made (though if you buy pre-made, the bulb type will change and the reflector will be clear). Installation shops open headlight and tail lights all the time and do not usually have issues with resealing.

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