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Buyer & Seller Feedback Rules Empty Buyer & Seller Feedback Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:53 pm

Buyer & Seller Feedback Rules

1) There will be NO bashing of another member.

2) When leaving positive, be specific about what was pleasant with the transaction. Example: Shipping was quick, cheap, communication was good, etc...

3) When leaving negative, be specific about what was not pleasant with the transaction. Example: Took 2 weeks to be shipped, never contacted me when item showed up damage, etc...

4) Do not keep harping on the positive or negative. Post the information and be done.

5) Include a link to the For Sale or Items Wanted post that you are referring to.

6) Only one thread per user. This thread should just be the users name (nothing else). All feedback for that user should be placed under that thread. Please search for their thread to make sure there is not already one created for that user. If there is not, you can create one.

7) The owners and moderators of the are not responsible for any sales that go bad. Buy and Sell at your own risk. If there is a dispute take it up with the person you bought or sold the item from. If we notice a trend from a seller or buyer or if you notice a trend, then email a moderator so we can have the problem taken care of.

Cool If you are NOT involved with the sale or purchase, please do not comment. Any third party comments will be removed and the user will be issued an infraction.

9) You can not leave feedback for yourself.


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